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Courses and Training

There are three courses on offer

      Basic 1 Improve your photography

                   This one day course is designed for those that own a DSLR but

                   don't really understand all the settings and switches.The course covers

                   all the basic knowledge for mastering the controls on your camera,

                   shutter speed, aperture, ISO, white balance


                         £80 pp 

      Basic 2 Improve your photography part 2

                   This course builds on Basic 1 and covers unusual light conditions and

                   using flash guns


                        £80 pp

      Lighting for portraits

                   This studio based course is designed for aspiring portrait photographers

                   and includes a photographic model

                       £160 pp

All courses are arranged on an individual basis

Contact me via email to discuss dates.


Photo course flyer  generic.jpg

All courses run from 10.00am to 4.00pm on the dates advertised. Payment by bank transfer confirms a place, the full amount must be received before a place is confirmed. To book a place email

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