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Graham A. Matthews interest in fine art photography builds upon 45 years freelance experience shooting everything from sport to fashion.

Influenced by such artists as Joan Fontcuberta, Salvador Dali and Sebastião Salgado, Graham's work seeks to challenge established beliefs and our preconceived ideas of life, death and reality.


For thousands of years mankind has struggled to comprehend the world we live in.

In Graham's latest work he examines the Myths and Mythology created over centuries to help try and understand the universe. Legends, which are the embellished tales of old, rooted in truth but forming an imaginative narrative of half truths and fantasy, and Fairy Stories, a reflective set of tales to help prepare the young for the dangerous world they inhabit.

Not all of his work is studio based, a keen traveller, Graham has been to many countries around the world seeking out images that reflect both the past and the present, but confesses there still half the planet he hasn't seen yet. So a taster of his extensive travel photography portfolio can be seen here too.

Graham has also worked in local theatre and over 25 years with the same group has undertaken every role,  including creating all the show publicity material such as advertising posters, show photographs, cast portraits, programme design, set designing and prop making but also time as an actor, stage manager, show producer and show director.

He has also appeared on television in 9 broadcast Tv programmes many on the subject of the paranormal, working alongside 'Tom Baker' of Dr Who fame, Paul Darrow (Blake's Seven) and Claudia Christian (Babylon Five) where his role was to analyse and comment on alleged ghostly photographs.


In his latest role, Graham is the director of photography for Scott Bailey's fantasy film trilogy Crystal of the Gods, Destiny of the Crystal and the latest movie currently being filmed, War of the Crystal, as well as creating props, masks and costumes for the movies.

When not travelling, Graham teaches photography in a series of basic one to one courses, passing on his skills and experience.

A versatile and talented photographer / film maker Graham brings a wealth of experience to every project and assignment.

Portrait of a spiritualist medium
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