Between 1999-2004 I was part of a small TV production team called Nomad Rush productions, (later known as Torus TV and Torus photographic) firstly as a photographer on the set of four pilot TV shows, Truckstop, Adders and Ladders, Breakin’ Thru and Patently Obvious. 

In 2000-2001 I was involved in the production of the Ghost Detectives TV series, (BBC UK HORIZONS) narrated by Tom Baker (Little Britain, Dr Who) and produced by Lion TV, both as set photographer and as a member of the cast.


This was followed by a two day live broadcast from the Tower of London for a show called Ghost Watch live, (BBC2) and then the following year another live show called Haunted Halloween live (ITV2) 

In both shows my role was as a photographer offering rational explanations to anomalous images.

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